Monday, December 29, 2008

On This Night, 11 Years Ago...

It was a crisp, clear Colorado December night, and like this year a Monday. It's funny how in thinking back there have been times that I would have changed any assortment of details about that day - from wardrobe decisions (manderine collars?!?) to where we spent our time. I would have remembered the video camera, or better yet have delegated that to someone. I would have checked again, just for good measure, that there was actually food waiting for us at some point in the evening. (Although that particular story has been very useful and given us a lot of mileage...) And then there are the days that I remember it as just perfect in it's imperfection because it was ours, and none of the "stuff" was what mattered anyways.

But no matter what my mood of the moment tends to be, I'd choose you all over again every single time.